There are numerous factors that contribute to Lima One excelling in the industry, we believe our attitude and approach to our clients and the professionalism of our hands on management team has positive effects that not only filter down to our guards but to your workplace.



Lima One has vast experience in providing quality, knowledgeable security guards. Lima One started as predominantly a Crowd Control provider and as a result we are very good at it. Our guards are some of the most experienced when it comes to ensuring patrons’ safety, ID monitoring, responsible service of alcohol and intoxication identification. Lima One staff pride themselves on providing a pleasant welcoming to your venue, we understand that the security and door staff are the first point of call for public relations, thus we always endeavour to make the best first impression. After all you don’t get a second chance at a first impression!


Police figures have documented that Static Security guards deter crime by up to 84%. Uniformed security guards not only deter crime but produce consumer confidence and ensure safety. Whether you are looking for a guard for the for your hotel lobby, shopping centre, gatehouse, school, building site, Lima One can provide fully uniformed, trained guards


Currently Lima One has 5 fully trained security K9’s ready for action. All our K9’s and Handlers are fully trained by Michael Kamphuis. Michael is the Adelaide Sportdog club training director and has vast knowledge in training dogs for military and police use. Our K9’s and handlers are the preferred provider for numerous festivals in Adelaide and provide additional barrier and visual deterrents for fence jumpers. We also currently have one drug detection sniffer dog in training that can be used in any capacity to detect and alert the handler to the presence of drugs.


Personal or VIP protection is a highly skilled area of security that requires attention to detail and forward planning. Whether it be for you or a key client, a musician, sporting team, celebrity or public figure, Lima One can provide not only high quality Personal Guards, but also risk evaluation and assessment, chauffeured pick-up and drop offs. Recent VIP’s protected by Lima One management include WWE Superstars, The Janoskians, Zoe Badwi, and Q from World Star Hip Hop.


Lima One protection plays a major role in numerous sporting and music events in recent years. Our guards are skilled in all procedures including pat downs and metal detection, bag checking to barrier and stage guarding. Lima One regularly provides in excess of 50 guards at the BDO, Soundwave, Stereosonic, and Future Music festivals. Port Adelaide and North Adelaide Football clubs match days security. Lima One have recently implemented Security management plans, and run the events for St Jerome’s Laneway Festival and PAFC Game Day Village.


Lima One Protection is also the first private security provider in South Australia to roll out an extensive training program specifically tailored to the crowd control sector of the security industry. This program was created to help assist Lima One and its staff in providing the best level of service to our clients the training program runs from the Induction stage right through to any retraining we feel our staff may need, below are some of the training methods we have on offer.


Courage to stand up for our core values and lead by example.


Be real, honest and have strong moral compass.


We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, shareholders, and employees by honouring our commitments, providing results, and striving for the highest quality. If it is to be, it’s up to me


Commitment to the cause with heart and mind.


What we do, we do well.

Our Partners

Our employees are what drive our ongoing success, especially with ongoing client satisfaction. At Limaone we take great emphasis on training and development.